Thursday, 8 November 2012

I love you

Today you talked to me again. And its just a feeling... Like i fell in love again.

Thank you jaan

Tuesday, 6 November 2012


You are the only man that I love. The only one. And if you walk away, will I able to love anyone else? I never see you as my boy. I see you as my man. My husband. My another half. My zawj.

Dont you understand?

Being patient

I wanna spam you. Whole day. I wanna message you. Talk to you. Tell you that I love you. I wanna stand next to you. Hold your hand. I wanna listen to all your stories and will never be tired if listening.

I am having a big BIG dream with you in sha Allah. I am never afraid of it. I know Allaah will answer my du'a. I know HE will make it easy and become a reality.

And all I have to do is strive in a Halaal way and be patient. Fa sabrun jameel ❤

Monday, 5 November 2012

Jaan ��

You are my happiness

It is better for a woman to be married than to remain single, but it is better for her to be single than to be married to an oppressive, abusive man who makes her life an intolerable misery.

It is also better to be in a respectful polygamous marriage than in an intolerable monogamous marriage.

Marriages should not be broken for petty reasons, but when there are serious matters beyond reconciliation, divorce comes as a saviour.

If a woman was supposed to be forced to live in an intolerable marriage, why would the Almighty give her the right to apply for a dissolution of her marriage upon the non-fulfillment of her rights by her husband?

P/s : you are not.


It hurts when you doubt my sincerity. Whats on earth should i proog my loyalty to you?

Why you put the blames on me? When I love you unconditionally and you know I truly want to be another half of your deen?

This is tooooo way painful.

Dear Zawj

Dear my Zawj in sha Allah

As the night comes to an end, I wish u all the best in this Dunya, with Allah’s blessings forever in your path to reach the Akhira forever may it last.

I wish to see your smile for it alone is a charity, it is a Sunnah. May your heart be pure and your soul be revived for Allah’s pleasure do we strive.

My wish for is everlasting happiness, my love for you is for the sake of Allah, my love for you would last forever ❤❤